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Kabelwerk Inbox

The <KabelwerkInbox> component is essentially a list of the chat rooms that the user has access to, ordered by recency of their latest messages (the room with the most recent message comes first).

The <KabelwerkInbox> component is usually only needed when you have more than one Kabelwerk hub.


renderInboxItem={(inboxItem, onPress) => (
<KabelwerkInboxItem item={inboxItem} onPress={onPress} />
renderWelcomeBanner={() => <Text>Welcome!</Text>}
onInboxItemPress={(roomId) => navigate('chat-room', { roomId })}



The function used to render the inbox items. The default is to render an <KabelwerkInboxItem> component.


Called to render a welcome banner just above the inbox items when the user has neither posted nor received any messages yet. The default is not to render anything.


Called when the user presses an inbox item component — with the room ID of the respective inbox item. The rather unhelpful default is to do nothing.

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