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Version: 0.2.2

Getting started

Welcome to the documentation of Kabelwerk's low-level SDK for JavaScript!


The SDK is available as an npm package.

npm install kabelwerk


The entry point is the Kabelwerk object, which opens and maintains the websocket connection to the Kabelwerk backend.

import Kabelwerk from 'kabelwerk';

Kabelwerk.config({ url, token });

Kabelwerk.on('ready', () => {
// this event is fired once when the initial connection is established
let inbox = Kabelwerk.openInbox();
let room = Kabelwerk.openRoom();

Kabelwerk.on('error', (error) => {
// e.g. when the token is invalid


The Kabelwerk object takes care of automatically re-connecting when the connection drops, opening inboxes and rooms, retrieving and updating user info, and logging (silent by default).

Read more about the Kabelwerk object.


An inbox is a view on the rooms the user has access to; it maintains a list of rooms ordered by recency of their latest message.

let inbox = Kabelwerk.openInbox();

inbox.on('ready', ({ items }) => {
// this event is fired once when the initial list of inbox items is loaded

inbox.on('updated', ({ items }) => {
// whenever a new message is posted, the list of inbox items is updated
// accordingly and this event is fired


Read more about inboxes.


A room object handles posting and retrieving messages in a chat room.

let room = Kabelwerk.openRoom(roomId);

room.on('ready', ({ messages }) => {
// this event is fired once when the room is loaded

room.on('message_posted', (message) => {
// this event is fired every time a new message is posted in this room


room.postMessage({ text })
.then((message) => {
// you will also get the same message via the `message_posted` event
.catch((error) => {
// e.g. when the server rejects the message

.then(({ messages }) => {
// resolves into the list of messages which come right before the earliest
// message seen by the room object
.catch((error) => {
// if there are no more messages, you will get an empty list, not an error

You can open as many rooms as you need. However, if you just want to listen for newly posted messages, then it is simpler to leverage the inbox.on('updated') event.

Read more about rooms.