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Version: 0.3.0

Connection states

Connection states

The Kabelwerk object is responsible for opening and maintaining a websocket connection to the Kabelwerk backend. The Kabelwerk object can be in one of the following three states:

  • Kabelwerk.INACTIVE → There is no connection established to the Kabelwerk backend, nor it is attempted. This is the state before calling Kabelwerk.connect() or after calling Kabelwerk.disconnect().
  • Kabelwerk.CONNECTING → The Kabelwerk object is actively trying to establish connection to the Kabelwerk backend. This is the state right after calling Kabelwerk.connect() before the connection is established. This is also the state after a connection drop, before it gets re-established.
  • Kabelwerk.ONLINE → The Kabelwerk object is connected to the backend.

You can at any moment check the current connection state by calling Kabelwerk.getState() — which would always return one of the three constants above.

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